Morocco Country of the Thousand and One Nights

Morocco Country of the Thousand and One Nights

Morocco is a country of surprise and contrasts. Thus Islamic piety is intermingled with the belief in jinn and magic, while the drink served with traditional dishes is cola. The character of the country consists of the majestic Atlas, the wild Atlantic beaches and imperial cities with their mysterious medinas.

At the beginning of the visit, Morocco does not seem to differ too much from the other Arab countries. The tourists who know them often believe that nothing is able to surprise them here, on the northwest coast of Africa "al Maghribiyyah", the Kingdom of Morocco, is gradually unfolding.

It is not easy to define what is magic. Perhaps the time which, on the African continent, flows at its own rhythm, without being measured by the clocks of the information services but, especially in the provinces, by the natural rhythm of meals, hunger and satiation As well as the sunsets and sunrises, or the five prayers to which one is invited by the melodious song of the muezzins. This is not the case in the medinas, which are the old quarters of the cities, where, on the contrary, everyone is in a hurry and runs through the labyrinth of narrow streets, succeeding inconceivably for others, finding the way To the right spice stand, brocade jewelery, suede babouche, leather Moroccan silppers, Moroccan crafts, wicker basket, leather bag, leather travel bag.

Moroccan Berber women have their own clock: the Berber carpet they weave throughout the year.

They know the sheep, for they have cut off their fleece from their birth, to which they have been present. It is also she who, accompanied by their children, picked up the plants from which they have extracted the appropriate dyes to parry the Berber carpets of a whole fairy of colors.

The red comes from the poppy, the yellow of the saffron, the blue of the indigo, the green of the mint of the fields, and the black of the stone of antimony. The drawings chosen by the Berber women are the ones most significant for them.

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