Men's moroccan slippers
Leather slippers
Woman's moroccan slipper
Leather slippers
Moroccan slippers children
Leather slippers

Babouche Marocaine

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Babouches - Marjana Babouches - Marjana 2
Moroccan slippers women

Babouches slippers - Marjana

croco Boots for women, comfortable typical product of Moroccan craftsmanship, genuine leather. Product of Moroccan craftsmanship.
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Moroccan slippers  - Sandria Moroccan slippers  - Sandria 2

Babouches slippers - Sandria

Women moroccan slippers, comfortable typical product of Moroccan craftsmanship, genuine leather. Product of Moroccan craftsmanship.
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Babouche - Samba Babouche - Samba 2
Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Samba

Boots man, 100% leather, Marrakech chic and ultra resistant, ideal for walks in the city, slipper Samba easily door with all your outfits.
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Babouches - Aladin Babouches - Aladin 2
Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Aladin

Boots Aladin man genuine leather, we propose the model of Moroccan slipper, Aladdin, pointed toe, convenient to prélacer with the arrival of warm weather.
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Babouches Aladin Bleue Babouches Aladin Bleue 2
Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Aladin Bleue

slippers blue Aladdin, originality and strength discover all our models Aladdin slippers for men. Slipper handmade, 100% leather.
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Babouche - Fassia Babouche - Fassia  2
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Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Fassia

Boots traditional yellow leather, high quality and very comfortable to wear slippers Fassia ceremonies or during the holidays.
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Babouches - Raja Babouches - Raja 2
Moroccan slippers women

Babouches - Raja

Se marient parfaitement avec  toutes vos tenues à la maison comme en dehors, idéal pour passer un été rafraichissant. Produit de l'artisanat marocain.
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Babouches - Menara Babouches - Menara 2
Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Menara

Boots Menara male model in black or brown leather, Marrakech style, durable, ideal for every day. comfortable rubber sole.
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Babouches Aladin tressée Babouches Aladin tressée  2
Moroccan slippers men

Babouches slippers - Aladin tressée

Boots Aladin braided , 100% leather , Marrakech chic and ultra durable, authentic model , handmade by Moroccan artisans, Aladdin slippers braided easily door with all your outfits
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Moroccan handicraft

Babouchestore shop N ° 1 online sale of babouche for women, children and men. We also offer a wide selection of Moroccan crafts and leather goods, bags, poufs, travel bags 100% natural leather.

Colorful products, entirely handmade by Moroccan craftsmen, our products come from the souks of Marrakech and Fez imperial cities, known for their know-how, transmitted from generation to generation. Articles in quality leather, irreproachable finish. Discover our products coming directly from Morocco ...

Let yourself be seduced by your favorite product, delivery is free!

Moroccan slippers

Moroccans and Moroccans all have a pair of slippers. Moroccan slippers is a craft shoe from a secular tradition.

They are worn by Moroccans for centuries and are still popular today for their comforts, their styles and are a must for many traditional Moroccan festivals.

They are still crafted by passionate Moroccan craftsmen who pass on a unique knowledge of generations to generations.

The essential element is undoubtedly the know-how of the craftsman who can spend up to ten hours to manufacture a pair of traditional Moroccan slippers.

Moroccan slippers production

At the origin of a Moroccan babouche we always find the same "ingredients":

The top of the slipper (the covering part) is most often made of goatskin. The Babouchier buys his leather in tanneries where the skins are worked there also according to ancestral rites, in particular in the tanneries of Fez known all over the world.

The underside of the babouche (the sole) is composed of several layers joined together:

The inner part, in contact with the foot is usually sewn goatskin.

The outer part, in contact with the ground is made from calfskin more resistant.

Moroccan pouffe

The pouf is found in all Moroccan salons without exception. This small comfortable and practical seat takes its name from Arabic, pouf means a cushion without armrests and without backrest.

The presence of an ottoman in a salon is synonymous with conviviality and sharing even if it is most often intended for the youngest. Moroccan poufs are distinguished by the quality of leather used by craftsmen.

Indeed, like all Moroccan handicrafts the craftsman who also makes slippers is part of a large chain of crafts because the leathers used are transformed in Moroccan tanneries who still use, today, a know-how globally recognized for centuries.

Moroccan pouffe ecological and natural

The skins of Moroccan leather poufs are also dyed with natural pigments from plants or natural resources which allows the artisan to have an infinite choice of texture and colors of premium leather to design more poufs original ones than the others.

There are poufs of round shapes, square, rectangular, oval .... everything is possible. More and more craftsmen realize in parallel lines of ottomans with the forms and the traditional colors and more resolutely more modern lines which marries perfectly with our western interiors.

Leather goods

Leather goods are closely linked to Moroccan history, this word from "morocco" refers to leathers from goat and goat skins whose processing, that is to say, tanning has been perfected in Morocco.

Moroccan craftsmen recognized throughout the world for mastering ancestral techniques, have succeeded in raising the tanning of leather to the rank of art in its own right. The quality of Moroccan leather is incomparable and very famous, that's probably why the luxury industry uses mainly processed leather in Morocco.

Leather goods is made up of a large number of craftsmen and makes a lot of people live in its cradle. Leather has an important place in the Moroccan economy since time immemorial.

Morocco at your fingertips with Babouchestore

The most famous city for the quality of its leather and for the delicacy of its craftsmanship, is undoubtedly Fes, imperial city with the unique and bewitching charm which seems freeze in the time. Yet it is a city of undeniable dynamism where artisans team up with young designers to create original collections of leather travel bags, leather bags, leather handbags, which combine ancestral know-how and modern designs. contemporaries.

It is therefore natural that Babouchestore has decided to share the best of Morocco with babouches, wicker baskets, leather travel bags, leather poufs and quality Moroccan crafts for you or your home. .

To offer or to afford a little bit of Morocco!

Our selection of Moroccan pouffe

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The craft sector in Morocco is one of the oldest and most important sectors of the kingdom, it combines all the traditional trades that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Geographical location as well as ethnic and religious diversity have contributed to this incredible notoriety, rich and colorful craftsmanship.

Discover these unique areas of Moroccan craftsmanship and explore its various products widely recognized around the world: weaving, pottery, bronze, leather, copper, tiling, plaster and woodcut, silver and gold jewelry, babouche, wicker basket , wrought iron, glass ....

Each Moroccan city is known for its crafts, but you will find all kinds of handicrafts in cities like Fez, Marrakech and Meknes, as well as other cities like Essaouira and Safi.

A quality and an irreproachable finish, Babouchestore rigorously selects the craftsmen to offer you the best quality and Moroccan craftsmanship.

Moroccan art and handicrafts

The skills of the Moroccan craftsman make the products aesthetic and robust, a work of Moroccan art.

The Souks of Marrakech and Fez offer all kinds of crafts, manufactured inside the medina, you will see that it is divided into different parts each is specialized in a trade and specific product that makes shopping more fun.

These handmade products are used by Moroccans in their daily lives, cooking, Hammam or clothes,

If you are always fascinated by the unique crafts of Morocco, you want to buy babouches, a fixture, a wicker basket or a leather bag visit Babouchestore you will find for sure babouche to your foot.

Discover all Morocco with Babouchestore offer your favorite babouche & Moroccan crafts, our products are made entirely by hand. We offer a wide selection of Moroccan pouf, Moroccan crafts and leather goods, our prices are always very attractive.

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