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The craft sector in Morocco is one of the oldest and most important sectors of the kingdom, he combines all the traditional crafts that have been passed from generation to generation.

The geographic location and the ethnic and religious diversity have contributed to this incredible reputation, the rich handicrafts and colorful.

Check out these unique areas of Moroccan crafts and explore its various products widely recognized worldwide Weaving, pottery, bronze, leather, copper, tile, plaster and wood engraving, silver and gold jewelry, slippers, wicker basket , wrought iron, glass ....

Each Moroccan city is known for its handicrafts, but there are all kinds of handicrafts in cities like Fez, Marrakech and Meknes and other cities like Essaouira and Safi.


The arts and crafts of Morocco

The skills of Moroccan craftsmen make aesthetic and robust products, a work of Moroccan art.

Souks of Marrakech and Fez offer all kinds of crafts, manufactured within the medina, you will see that it is divided into parts each specializes in a trade and specific product that makes it more fun shopping.

These handmade products are used by the Moroccans in their everyday life, cooking, Hammam or clothing....  

Moroccan craftsmanship and Moroccan slippers are the ancient art of Morocco, visistez our online store, all our products are authentic made by Moroccan craftsmen

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